Wheel Rotary Pile Driver

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Drilling depth: 11-20m
Drill diameter: 400-2200mm
Engine power: 88kw
Product Detail

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Main features:

1. High torque: The rotary drilling rig is capable of generating a torque ranging from 120 to 400kN·m. It can accommodate hole diameters ranging from 1.5 to 4 meters and achieve maximum hole depths of 60 to 90 meters.

2. Convenient operation: The control handles and instruments are centrally arranged with a rational layout, ensuring ease of operation for the operators.

3. Enhanced stability and maneuverability: The rig is designed with a tire base and a high counterweight, providing overall stability while allowing for flexible movement on the construction site.

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A rotary drilling rig is a construction machine designed for hole formation in building foundation engineering. It is particularly suitable for various soil types such as sandy soil, cohesive soil, and silty soil, making it widely used in applications like cast-in-situ piles, continuous walls, and foundation reinforcement in ground foundation construction.

Wheeled rotary excavation
High configuration

1. Yunnei four-cylinder National III engine (88KW)

2. Ningbo East Lake power head 1.7WN

3.80 Jinan military gear pump

4.145 Fujian Liansheng gearbox

5. Liaoning Northern Multi-way Valve (11-Link)

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