Crawler Rotary Pile Driver

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  • One-year warranty
Drilling Depth: 11-20m
Drilling Diameter: 1500mm
Rated Power: 88-130Kw
Product Detail

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Main feature:

1. Flexibility and adaptability: The rotary drilling rig is designed to handle pile hole construction in narrow environments, making it highly suitable for constrained spaces.

2. Cost-effective and efficient: Specifically designed for small-diameter shallow piles, the power head of the rig features high rotation speed and fast lifting speed. It offers excellent fuel efficiency, resulting in comprehensive energy savings and fuel savings of 10%-15%.

3. Convenient transportation: The overall dimensions of the rig, when transported with a pole, are within manageable limits, ensuring ease of transportation and cost savings during transfers.

Please note that specific pricing information and quotes should be obtained directly from the manufacturer or authorized dealers. They will be able to provide you with the most accurate and up-to-date pricing based on your specific requirements.

Crawler Rotary Drilling
High configuration

1. Yuchai 6-cylinder National III engine

2. Domestic 63/63 plunger pump

3. Walking motor TM22

4. Ningbo Donghu Power Head 1.7WN

5. Liaoning Northern Multi-way Valve

6. Ningbo Donghu Swing Reduction Gearbox 8 model

7. Optional LongGong walking system

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