HWL390H Solar Pile Driver

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  • One-year warranty
DTH Drill Depth: 1-100m
Screw Drill Depth: 20m
Slope Working Angle : 45°
Product Detail

HWL390H Photovoltaic piling machine is a high-performance piling equipment launched by Hengwang Group according to different sites.

In addition to piling the foundation of photovoltaic power stations, it can also be used in farms, pastures, forest farms, orchards and other construction scenarios.


Main feature:

1. Reasonable power engine can save fuel while ensuring stable and high performance;

2. High-quality hydraulic components and strict assembly process ensure the high efficiency of the hydraulic system;

3. Using international high-standard raw materials to ensure the stability of the car body;

4. The design has an industrial aesthetic.


Work quality7.41T
Rated power/Speed85KW/2600RPM
Max torque/Speed375N · M/1850RPM
Work pressure100Mpa
Drill pipe diameter100mm
Shipping size4500*2260*2970
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