HWL390H Solar Pile Driver

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Crawler skid pile driver
Screw Drill Depth: 20m
Slope Working Angle : 45°
Product Detail

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Product numberHWL390H
Drilling diameter (DTH hammer)90-400mm
Drilling depth30m
Air consumption10-26m³/min
Working pressure0.7-1.6(medium-pressure)/1.6-2.46(high pressure)Mpa
Drill rod diameter76/89mm
rock hardness6-20F
Drilling diameter (auger)Maximun400mm
Drilling depth20m
Auger diameter130-400mm
One thrust stroke2600mm
Slide pitch angle120°
Slide swing angleLeft and right total 40
Drill arm swing angleLeft and right total 50°
Rotating speed0-100r/min
Tilt working angle45°
Working dimensions(L*W*H)3500*2200*4500mm
Shipping dimensions4500*2500*2800mm
Driving speed0-2.5km/h
rated power85kw
maximum width2800mm
One side track deployment height1200mm




The HWL390H Photovoltaic piling machine is a high-performance piling equipment developed by Hengwang Group specifically for various sites. It is designed not only for piling the foundations of photovoltaic power stations but also for applications in farms, pastures, forest farms, orchards, and other construction scenarios.

This versatile piling machine is suitable for a range of construction projects and offers efficient and reliable performance. Whether it's for solar power installations or other agricultural and forestry applications, the HWL390H Photovoltaic piling machine is designed to meet the specific requirements of different sites and provide effective piling solutions.

Main features:

1. Efficient and fuel-saving power engine: The HWL390H Photovoltaic piling machine is equipped with a power engine that is carefully designed for optimal fuel efficiency. It ensures stable and high-performance operation while minimizing fuel consumption.

2. High-performance hydraulic system: The piling machine utilizes high-quality hydraulic components and undergoes a strict assembly process. This ensures the efficiency and reliability of the hydraulic system, enabling smooth and efficient operation.

3. Stable and durable construction: The machine is constructed using international high-standard raw materials, which ensures the stability and durability of the overall structure. It can withstand the rigors of various construction environments and provide long-lasting performance.

4. Industrial aesthetic design: The HWL390H piling machine features a design that combines functionality with an industrial aesthetic. It not only performs its tasks effectively but also presents an appealing appearance.

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