Water well drilling rig breakdown and maintenance

Aug 02, 2022

Water well drilling rig is a drilling equipment widely used in water conservancy construction, farmland engineering geothermal drilling, etc. No matter what equipment it is, it needs maintenance and maintenance to better improve work efficiency and prolong its service life. What are the common faults of water well drilling rigs? How to do maintenance and maintenance work to reduce the failure rate of drilling rigs?


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Common faults and troubleshooting methods of water well drilling rigs

fault one

If the oil pump does not supply oil or the oil quantity is insufficient after starting, first check whether the oil quantity in the oil tank is insufficient or there is no oil. If the oil level line fails after refueling, check whether the filter is blocked. In addition, check the oil tank. Whether the vent hole is blocked, or the oil suction pipe joint is loose for air intake and other reasons;

fault two

The oil pump of the drilling rig is heated and worn, and the oil pump must be repaired and replaced. The viscosity of the oil is too high or too low, and the oil must be used strictly according to the instructions; at the same time, check the transmission device of the drilling oil pump to improve the assembly accuracy;

Fault three

The coupling of the drilling rig is hot, and the elastic ring is excessively worn; the reason is that the coaxiality of the drilling rig power machine and the clutch is poor, and it is necessary to improve the coaxiality of the assembly;

Fault four

The main reason for the slippage of the brake of the rig hoist is that there is oil on the inner surface of the brake belt, and the inner surface of the brake needs to be removed; if there is no oil in the brake of the rig, check the gap between the brake belt and the brake wheel, and if it is too loose, adjust it properly;

Fault five

If the hydraulic oil of the water well drilling rig is high temperature, the oil in the oil tank is too small or the oil pump is damaged, it is necessary to refuel or repair the oil pump; the working pump should be selected reasonably, and the working pressure should be recommended according to the manual.

How to maintain and maintain water well drilling rig

1. When working, pay attention to the sound of the impactor and the operation of the gearbox. If abnormal sounds and phenomena are found, the machine should be stopped immediately and checked in time;

2. Pay attention to check the water and gas pipelines at any time, and whether the bolts and nuts of the drilling rig accessories are firm;

3. When the working face is immersed in water, a large-diameter drill bit should be used to open the hole, and the drill pipe should be inserted to make the drill pipe 1-2 meters above the water surface to prevent mud and slag from falling into the hole;

4. When the drilling rig stops working in a short period of time, a small amount of compressed air should be given to prevent sediment from invading the inside of the drilling rig impactor. If the drilling rig is stopped for a long time, the impactor should be lifted 1-2 meters away from the bottom of the hole for fixing;

5. The drilling rig is not allowed to reverse during the drilling operation to prevent the drill pipe from falling into the hole;

6. When adding a new drill pipe, pay attention to keeping the inside of the drill hole clean to avoid sand mixing into the inside of the drill hammer and damage to the drill parts;

7. At the end of each work shift, the dirt on the surface of the drilling rig must be cleaned up in time. Except for normal handling, it is strictly forbidden to dismantle and disassemble on the working surface;

8. The tension of the track shoes should be checked frequently. It should not be too loose or too tight (±8). When it is out of use for a long time, the track shoes should be in a relaxed state.

8. Pay attention to check the lubricating oil condition of the motor at any time;

9. Lubricate the drill pipe joint and reducer of the drilling rig with butter.

10. All connecting bolts, screws and nuts on the car body should be inspected in detail before and after each shift, and the loose parts should be firmed in a targeted manner;

11. In case of rain and snow, the machinery and equipment should be waterproof and moisture-proof in time; if it is not used for a long time, it should be stored in stock, and it should be done well: moisture-proof, oxidation-proof, fire-proof, and rust-proof.

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