Safety technical operating rules for crawler pile drivers

Aug 11, 2022

1. The crawler crane that constitutes the pile driver shall comply with the provisions of Section 2 of this Regulation for Lifting and Vertical Transport Machinery, and the equipped diesel piling hammer or vibrating pile hammer shall comply with Section 2 and Section 2 of this Regulation for Pile Machinery. three sections.

2. The installation site of the pile driver should be flat and solid. When the bearing capacity of the ground does not reach the specified compressive stress, a subgrade box or a 30mm thick steel plate should be laid under the crawler, and the spacing should not be greater than 300mm.


3. The installation and disassembly of the pile driver should be carried out in accordance with the procedures specified in the factory manual. For pile drivers with telescopic crawler, the crawler should be expanded before installation. Track expansion should be carried out without counterweight, and the upper slewing platform should be turned to a position of 90° to the track.

4. After the column base is installed, the horizontal fine-tuning hydraulic cylinder should be tested. When it is confirmed that there is no problem, the piston rod should be retracted and the column should be installed.

5. When installing the column, the drive wheel of the crawler should be placed at the rear, the front overturning point of the crawler should be filled with iron wedges, the traveling mechanism and the slewing mechanism should be braked, and the horizontal telescopic arm should be positioned with a pin shaft. When installing the vertical hydraulic cylinder, a wooden backing plate should be laid underneath to solidify the hydraulic cylinder and keep the main engine balanced.


6. When installing the column, the connecting bolts should be tightened according to the specified torque, and a jack should be placed under the column support and supported. After installation, there should be no less than 3 resting points below the column. The front end and both sides of the column should be tied to the wind rope.

7. Before the column is erected, lubricating oil should be added to each lubrication point of the top beam, and then the hoist drum brake test should be carried out. During the test, the column should be pulled up 300-400mm first, then braked, and then lowered. At the same time, it should be checked and confirmed that the front and rear hydraulic cylinder jacks are firm and reliable.

8. The front end of the column should be elevated, and the column should not be lifted below the level. When the column is lifted, the wind rope of the cable should be loosened synchronously. When the column is close to the vertical position, the erection speed should be slowed down. When it reaches 75°-83°, stop the hoisting, tighten the cable wind rope, and then install the rear support, and use the rear support hydraulic cylinder to make the column vertical.

9. When supporting after installation, a special person should pull the hydraulic cylinder to the outside of the main engine, so as not to hit the fuselage.

10. When installing the pile hammer, there should be a buffer pad with the following thickness between the impact block at the bottom of the pile hammer and the pile cap. For metal piles, the thickness of the dunnage should be 100-150mm; for concrete piles, the thickness of the dunnage should be 200-250mm. During the operation, the damage of the dunnage should be observed, and it should be replaced when the damage is serious.

11. The tension of the wire rope connecting the pile hammer and the pile cap should be appropriate. If it is too tight or too loose, it should be adjusted. After tensioning, a slip-out allowance of 200-250mm should be left, and the rope head should be prevented from being inserted into the cylinder method. Damaged cushions inside the flange and impact block.

12. The disassembly should be carried out according to the reverse procedure of the installation. When putting down the column, the brake should be used to make the column lower slowly, and it should be controlled by the cable wind rope, and it has to be controlled and lowered quickly.


13. When the pile is hoisted directly in front, for the concrete precast pile, the horizontal distance between the center of the column and the pile shall not be greater than 4m; for the steel pipe pile, the horizontal distance shall not be greater than 7m. Eccentric hanging piles or forcibly pulling piles are strictly prohibited.

14. When using a two-way column, you should wait until the column is turned in place and lock the column and the base rod with a lock pin before lifting.

15. When applying an inclined pile, the pile hammer should be lifted to the predetermined position first, the pile should be lifted, the pile cap should be inserted, the pile tip should be inserted into the pile position, and then the column should be leaned back. When the pile driver is not allowed to turn and walk.

16. When the pile driver is walking with a hammer, the pile hammer should be placed at the lowest position. When walking, the driving wheel should be in the rear position, and there should be a special person to command.

17. When walking on the slope, the center of gravity of the pile driver should be placed above the slope, and the slope of the slope should not be greater than 5°. Do not turn around on slopes.

18. After the operation, the pile hammer should be placed on the pile head or ground pad that has been driven into the ground, the joystick should be placed in the stop position, the landing gear should be raised to a position lm higher than the pile hammer, and the safety limit device should be locked. , and all braking should be enabled.

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