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HW910 Separated DTH Surface Drill Rig

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Rated Power: 50Kw
Drill Diameter: 90-110 mm
Weight: 3,800 kg
Product Detail

Hengwang Down hole drilling rigs series

In down-the-hole drilling a drill rod is fitted with a hammer at its lower end. 

The hammer, which is mounted on the drill bit, is activated through the addition of compressed air and driven into the ground – simultaneously rotating and impacting. 

This method is mainly applied for hard to very hard rock and/or for penetrating large boulders.

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Main feature:

1. The borehole drill rig with two-stage dry dust removal device, which has little pollution to the environment;

2. HW910 is equipped with dry dust collector, drill pipe changer, and adopts the most advanced design and layout.

3. It is a trusted machine for mining and construction companies and contractors engaged in presplitting and conventional production blasthole drilling.

Power (KW)59
Drilling diameter (mm)φ80-105
Maximum torque (Nm980
Propulsion (kN)15
Lifting force (kN)25
Shipping Dimensions (mm)4100*2030*2020

Due to the continuous update and progress of technology, the difference between the technical parameters and configuration and the actual product is subject to the actual delivery.

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