SPJ600L Mill Drilling Rig

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Drill Diameter: 200-1800mm
Drill Depth: 600m
Engine Power: 37Kw
Product Detail

1. Hydro geological conditions at the bottom of exploration and census;

2. Drilling wells for agricultural irrigation and industrial water;

3. Drilling of underground tunnel ventilation, bridges, etc.

4. When the rig is working, use the mud rinsing liquid (positive circulation), and the turntable rotates to drive the drilling tool to rotate. The hoisting system is used to realize decompression drilling, lifting and drilling tools, down hole pipes, impact sampling, and vertical rigs.

5. The drilling rig is equipped with a fine-tuning drilling mechanism and a mechanical unloading drilling device.

Drill depth600m
Drill diameter200mm-1800mm
Turntable diameterφ605mm
Driver drill rod108×108×8000mm 108×108×12000mm
Drill rodφ73mm, φ89mm
Rotating speed42, 75, 134KN.m

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