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HW935 Integrated DTH Surface Drill Rig

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Rated Power: 140kW
Drill Depth: 20m
Drill Diameter: 90-115 mm
Product Detail

Hengwang Down hole drilling rigs series

The DTH drilling rig is suitable for drilling blast holes in medium to hard rock with a diameter of 90-115 mm and a depth of 20 m.

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Main feature:

1. The borehole drill rig with two-stage dry dust removal device, which has little pollution to the environment;

2. Centralized console to improve efficiency and reduce labor costs;

3. The crawler chassis can adapt to various harsh working conditions while ensuring stability.

Power (KW)140
Drilling diameter (mm)φ90-115
Maximum torque (Nm)1650
Propulsion (kN)15
Lifting force (kN)25
Shipping Dimensions (mm)6000*2200*2750

Due to the continuous update and progress of technology, the difference between the technical parameters and configuration and the actual product is subject to the actual delivery.

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