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HW-UP45 Underground Crawler Mounted DTH Drill Rig

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  • One-year warranty
Rated Power: 58kW
Drill Depth: 30m
Drill Diameter: 90 -130 mm
Product Detail

The Hengwang UP45 is an underground crawler-mounted DTH production drill that is designed for professional and high-efficiency drilling in mid to deep hole applications. It is primarily used in various underground mining operations, mine stripping, rescue missions, hydro construction projects, railway anchor construction, and more.

The UP45 drill rig is developed by ZEGA, a subsidiary of Hengwang Group, and it combines the working abilities and features of imported machines with the specific requirements of the domestic mid to deep hole drilling processes and market needs. It offers several advantages, including low initial purchase cost, low operation and maintenance costs, a wide selection of consumables, and ease of operation.

The Hengwang UP45 underground crawler-mounted DTH production drill offers several key features:

1. Fast Drilling Speed: The drill is equipped with dual hydraulic rotary motors, enabling efficient and rapid drilling operations.

2. Compact Structure: With a compact design, the UP45 occupies a small overall area, making it suitable for confined spaces and enabling maneuverability in various job sites.

3. Crawler Site: The crawler system ensures stability during operation and allows the drill rig to adapt to challenging and uneven working conditions, enhancing its versatility.

4. Environmental-Friendly: The UP45 is equipped with a two-stage dry dust removal device, effectively minimizing environmental pollution associated with drilling activities.

5. Centralized Control: The operating table is designed for centralized control, streamlining operations and improving overall efficiency. This feature helps reduce labor costs by optimizing the workflow and simplifying drill rig management.


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