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HW-UP45 Underground Crawler Mounted DTH Drill Rig

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Rated Power: 58kW
Drill Depth: 30m
Drill Diameter: 90 -130 mm
Product Detail

Hengwang UP45 underground crawler mounted DTH production drill, ZEGA self-developed new mid to deep hole professional and high efficient underground drill rig, primarily used in underground mining, mine stripping, rescure, hydro construction, railway anchor construction, etc.

UP45 combined with working ability & features of imported machine and domestic mid to deep hole drilling process & market needs. Low one time purchase cost, low operation & maintenance cost, and wide selection consumables and easy to operate.

Main feature:

1. Equipped with dual hydraulic rotary motors, fast drilling speed;

2. The structure design is compact and the overall area is small;

3. Crawler site, while ensuring stability, can adapt to a variety of harsh working conditions;

4. Equipped with two-stage dry dust removal device, the environmental pollution is small.

5. The centralized control of the operating table improves efficiency and reduces labor costs.

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