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HW-UJ33 Underground Jumbo Drilling Machine

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  • One-year warranty
Diesel engine power: 179kW
Electric motor power: 220kW
Drill Diameter: 64-89 mm
Product Detail

The HW-UJ33 underground drilling jumbo is a specialized equipment used for medium-sized tunnel excavation, anchor construction, and other applications in projects such as highways, railways, and hydropower. It features heavy drilling booms and a service platform, providing a comprehensive and high-standard configuration to meet the diverse needs of customers.

Please note that due to continuous technological advancements and updates, the specific technical parameters and configurations of the HW-UJ33 underground drilling jumbo may vary. It is recommended to consult with the manufacturer or authorized distributors to obtain the latest and accurate information regarding its technical specifications and configurations.


Max.Working Height (from Botton): 12000mm
Rated Load600kg
Total Length6110mm6776mm7386mm7996mm
Rod Length4305491555256135
Rod Depth4013462352235843
Lift Force20.0KN20.0KN20.0KN20.0KN
Rated engine power (2, 200rpm): 179kW
Approach angle & departure15ºTyre14.00*R24
Hydraulic support leg4 PCSDriving brakeTwo independent loops
Emergency stop & parking brakeSHARFuel tank capacity150L
Gradient at Max.Load"1:4Hydraulic Oil Tank750L
Tramming speed17/10/5km/h
T38-D38-T38*6135mmφ64-89mm bolting
R32-D32-R32*6135mmφ64-89mm bolting
T38-H32-R32*6135mmFace drilling

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